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Celebrating Self-Love

Celebrating personal growth, transition, milestones, and self-love.  Watching and listening to her as she walked towards her portraits on the reveal wall my heart raced, my eyes, teared, and I got goose bumps all at the same time. Her reaction I was not expecting. She stood back with her hands cupping her face as she squealed with excitement and scrolled through the images.  In those moments I was reminded again just how important my job is.  I went to sleep that night knowing I made a woman feel beautiful about herself and showed her what others see. Megan, I am so humbled an honored you shared this part of your life with me.

She took home all thirty images and I cannot wait to see how she displays them on the walls of her home.


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Discover Your Own Beauty

Wherever you are in your life, whatever journey you are on or whatever your fears are you need to discover your own beauty. We all want to exist and be seen, be heard, be noticed, whether it is to strangers, family or friends.  We let fear keep us from being who we are meant to be, it suffocates and keeps us from growing.  Fear can drive you and set you free if you choose to let it.

What is your legacy/heirloom that you want to leave to your loved ones? Do this for the generation behind you.

Amy is a mother of two little ones and in her 30s.  She asked me to photograph her as a gift to her husband and to have portraits for her children when they reach the age she is here.  We worked together designing her photoshoot.  She flipped the pages of Voulez Vous Boudoir’s Portrait magazine, reviewed our website and social media and we came up with a plan of action for her photoshoot designing especially for her.

The black gown she is wearing is vintage from the 1940s purchased for the studio a few years back.  The images in the black hat were designed specially for her using lace and velvet hand picked by Lana Thomas.  The hat we just added a fascinator to it for an added element.  The flower picture is a headdress made specially for Voulez Vous Boudoir.

I look forward to designing your custom portrait experience so you can discover your own beauty.

Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir


Mothers’ Day 2017

The best gift you can give yourself and Mom is a portrait of her. When all else is lost what do you look for; A legacy, an heirloom, a portrait. Give her an experience in portraits that lasts longer than anything she will receive.


Complimentary Consultation Styling & Designing Professional Make-up & Hair Up to 5 Wardrobe Changes Bubbles & Chocolates

Sitting Fee $299 Wall Portraits start at $275 Collections start at $1200

Gift Cards Available. Call 918.810.5402

Mother's Day 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

Bridal Boudoir … A Gift for You Both

Bridal Boudoir has been growing in popularity for several years now.  Oklahoma was just rated the highest state for goggling boudoir photography as a gift.  Giving your fiancé intimate portraits of you before you tie the knot is a perfect gift for the both of you.  Your boudoir shoot can be as much or as little clothing as you like.  The style at Voulez Vous is classy, sophisticated, and elegant and we will create and style together the vision you have for yourself.  Every woman I photograph feels some sort of vulnerability, but I will guide you through the poses and make sure you are feeling and looking your very best before I snap that shutter button.

This first image I was metering the light and I could see Chelsea was totally relaxed and being herself.  This is when your beauty will shine through your eyes and others will see it.  This is the magic that I am looking for when I shoot.   

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal BoudoirBridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

ChelseaHopkinsBridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Love is Everything

“Life is ever so brief and fragile…yet this should not foster fear but freedom.  Freedom to love desperately, fully willing to be broken by it.  Freedom to forgive with all your might, in spite of every justification, freedom to be alive in this moment. For at the end, my friend, love is all you leave with. And therefore, it is everything.” by: Cathey Byerley.  I am 50.  Love Is Everything.

Cathey is a gardener and we wanted to do something fun to tell her story.  She spends hours in her backyard creating a beautiful haven for her family.  I imagined her there working away digging, planting, standing back and thinking of what’s next.  I imagined flowers bursting from her mind out the top of her head…yes, I did envision this.  And, because she’s “50” she said let’s go for it!  The purple flowers I picked fresh from my yard the day of.

When I look at Cathey’s portraits I see beauty, confidence, and wisdom that comes from growing her own inner seed of love.


voulez vous boudoir voulez vous boudoir voulez vous boudoir voulez vous boudoir voulez vous boudoirvoulez vous boudoir

Ellie’s Journey, The Warrior

Ellie’s journey.  She is 44 years old.  She walked into my studio with a mission. She began to tell me she had body image issues and her journey was to believe and appreciate herself, and to be her very best.  One part of her journey was to lose 100 pounds; she reached that goal and her reward was to document that achievement.

I asked Ellie to describe herself to me and she responded; “funny, smart, loyal, trustworthy, empathetic, compassionate and eclectic.”  When we started making portraits I could actually see these words coming through my lens and in her eyes as she smiled and giggled.  I felt her energy and beautiful spirit and it made me feel happy.

I asked Ellie what she liked about herself and she replied;

“my hair, I love my hair.  I love it when it’s all curly from being washed, I love how dark it is, but also my strands of wisdom (grey) show up against the dark of it.  I love how tall I am.  I love how strong I am.  I love my shoulders and how strong they make me feel.  I love my little waist my ‘violin shape.’  From a lifetime of not seeing my natural beauty, I’m working on embracing myself fully and accepting my heritage of sturdy yet soft and strong body type I’ve inherited from my French ancestors.  I am still self-conscious about my rear and thighs.”

I asked Ellie about her hobbies; art, nature, embroidery, learning.  She loves flowers and lace and camping.

I asked her how she saw herself being photographed “sweet and innocent/maybe sexy too”  She is known to her group of friends as “warrior.”  If you spend time getting to know her you will understand why. This explains the images of her with paint on her pretty little face :)

A gift Ellie gave me; stop judging myself and love who I am, what I am, and work to change the things I can.  I notice as she speaks that she used the words “self-conscious” instead of  “don’t like or hate.” I like this approach and decide to change my mindset for my own issues.

My mission was to make her see with my eyes.  LoveLoveLove to you Ellie.Ellie Debose EllieDebose EllieDebose EllieDebose EllieDebose EllieDebose EllieDeboseEllie


Boudoir Wedding Gifts for Groom

Hailey was getting married and wanted something very special for her fiancé.  While styling and designing her shoot I kept imaging how her life is changing and she’s becoming a wife with a whole new world of adventure.  Trees and flowers came to mind…how they bloom and become some beautiful.  The night before the shoot I went to my back yard and cut away flowers and branches and started play using fishing line, tape, ribbon and whatever else I thought I could find to make work.  I knew we were going to be using the studio’s roccoco bed with pink, the vintage lingerie with the vanity, and a simple backdrop, but wanted more to add.  The fresh flowers were perfect.

“I wanted to do some boudoir photos for my husband as a wedding gift. I’m so glad that I went to Lana at Voulez Vous Boudoir. She spoiled me with champagne and fruit, as well as providing a hair stylist and make up artist. I loved how all of my photos turned out and it was so hard to narrow them down for my album. My favorite style is traditional, and so she took some photos of me sitting at her vanity and also of me sitting in a pretty victorian chair. Those turned out to be my husband’s favorite! Thank you so much Lana!”

Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey Hailey ellzey

Flowers, Fabrics, Natural Light, Oh My….

If you are following me you know how much I love using flowers, fabrics, natural light, and my beautiful rococo bed. This head piece is actually a long wreath I had laying around the studio for the past year and haven’t used. During the process of styling and designing Sabrina and I had the same vision of folding it up and placing it on her pretty little head and used piece of fabric I had laying around.  The tulle skirt was made for the studio about a year ago.  I love adding grain and textures to images, it reminds me of when I shot film and weddings before the digital era.

Sabrina has been on a personal journey and in celebration of losing 100 pounds she wanted to have her portrait made. She is now a marathon runner :)  AGAIN! How powerful are women.

Voulezvousboudoir voulezvousboudoir voulezvousboudoir voulez vous boudoir voulezvousboudoir voulezvousboudoir

Lily Christiansen Dance Into Your Dreams

Lily Christensen is a salsa dancer in Seattle and while visiting family, her Auntie, Melanie Patterson of Colourblind Salon in Tulsa she took time out to have her portraits made.  I was so excited to photograph her since I have not photographed a dancer before…that I can remember anyway.  Since the shoot was not planned in advance she showed up with only what she was wearing.  We browsed through the wardrobe closet here at the studio and she found some items she wanted to be photographed in.  She danced around the studio as if she was the only person in the room.  Dance into your dreams Lily. This poem reminded me of Lily…the way she dances around with such grace and beauty and with a smile on her face.

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

I wandered lonely as a cloud 
That floats on high o'er vales and hills, 
When all at once I saw a crowd, 
A host, of golden daffodils; 
Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine 
And twinkle on the milky way, 
They stretched in never-ending line 
Along the margin of a bay: 
Ten thousand saw I at a glance, 
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they 
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: 
A poet could not but be gay, 
In such a jocund company: 
I gazed - and gazed - but little thought 
What wealth the show to me had brought: 

For oft, when on my couch I lie 
In vacant or in pensive mood, 
They flash upon that inward eye 
Which is the bliss of solitude; 
And then my heart with pleasure fills, 
And dances with the daffodils. "William Wordsworth"

Lily Christensen lily christensen lily christen voulez vous boudoir lily christensen voulez vous boudoir lily christensen lily christensen

Shooting on Vacation

I had not planned to work on my family vacation to Quebec this past June, but the universe thought differently.  So I asked my family if they could give me a day to shoot while on vacation.  The second day of my vacation I spent with Amy, an aspiring model and this was her first shoot to get her started down her path.  If you don’t know this about me, I rarely photograph models unless I am at a workshop.  I love photographing the woman who never gets in front of the camera, for whatever reason; too old, too fat, I have to loose weight first (If I called you a year later would you have lost that weight?), too thin, “I’m not photogenic” girls, etc. That’s why I’m here, to show you are, in this moment, in this time, at this age, at this size, you are a beautiful person and you are loved and those loved ones what to see you exist in photos; Heck! I love looking back on photos of me when I was young and seeing who I have become, and my family does too.

Inspiration.  While sitting at the patio table with my mom I noticed the tablecloth from the 70’s. It reminded me of when I was young and having picnics at the park.  The tablecloth was warm toned, muted fruit and as my mind wondered I thought to myself I want to make a photograph of this…put it on the body.  Then another thought, I remembered seeing the plastic fruit on the table…WOW!  I’m going to put that on her head, but how?  My mom walked into the living area, took the lampshade off the lamp and started to pin the fruit to the lampshade.  MOM! You are amazing!  Using the wall of the home and the beautiful sunlight coming through the old, large french windows I started to shoot.  I remembered seeing lace draped over the dresser in our my room, so I grabbed that for our next wardrobe change.

Living in the moment, taking a thought and making it happen.  Thank you family for putting up with me and my passion and supporting me. Thank you Mom for seeing my vision and helping me make it come to life.  Amy, I wish you the best in your journey into modeling.
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